Monday, January 18, 2010

Feedback wanted!

Here's an important question.

WTJU wants to know what you like (love?) best about the station.

We're not asking out of idle curiosity. Our general manager has retired, and the search is on for his replacement. The University of Virginia's Office of Public Affairs is conducting the search, and part of what they're looking for is someone who will nurture the essential character of the station, and help it grow.

So what keeps you tuning in, either over the air or online day after day? What would you miss the most if it went away. What value do you see in WTJU?

The better the seach committee understands the value of WTJU, the more likely it is to finding the right person for the job.

Leave feedback either here in our comments field, or go to our Facebook fan page and share your thoughts there. Either way, we'll make sure your feedback gets to the committee.

And thanks for listening!

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