Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Music -- Really New

Composer, conductor and concert pianist Robert Ian Winstin has launched a bold project. For the month of February, he has vowed to compose, record and post a new work every single day. And he'll document his progress in his blog 28 in twenty-eight.

It's an exciting concept. Each day Winstin tells a story of how the piece came about, shares some of the adventures in producing the composition, and has an audio track on the blog so you can hear the final result.

Think all the composers are dead? Not by a long shot.

Folks used to look at me strangely when I insisted that not were new compositions being created in this day and age, but even at this very moment.

The blog "28 in twenty-eight" merely proves my point, while providing some delightful little musical treats as well.

I'll be following Winstin's progress closely, and sharing the results with my listeners. ERM Media, Maestro Winstin's recording label, has graciously allowed me to air the posted compositions, which I'll do so around 8:45 each program. So today on "Gamut" you'll hear the first three works, next week nos. 4 through 11, the following week 12 - 19, and so on.

Fresh music, just three hours before "Gamut" signed on this morning. Now that's really fresh!

But this isn't a new concept. It's the way Count Esterhazy preferred Haydn's music, hot off the quill. Each new work was eagerly anticipated.

I look forward to each new post on 28 in twenty-eight. How about you?

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