Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cdza and the Human Jukebox

cdza is a collection of extremely talented musicians that put out a series of videos. But not just ordinary music videos. Rather, cdza creates videos that zoom in on different aspects of music, forcing the audience to re-examine their assumptions about the art.

These fast-paced videos work because everyone involved is a top-flight musician (or videographer). After you've viewed a cdza video once for the message, go back and view it again with an eye to the performances. You'll see some amazing technique and musicians in full command of their instruments.

It's no wonder cdza gives each of their videos an opus number. These are indeed major works!

In this video, cdza asks the musical question, "Which would you rather hear? Classical, pop, or something else?" And people voted with their dollars.

Here at WTJU we have a fund-drive coming up in a few weeks.I wonder how a human jukebox would fare in our listening area?

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