Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This Friday: The Magnificat, Mandolins and Mozart!

This Friday on Vivace!, we have a delightful array of music for your enjoyment.

If you're an early bird, there's a special treat in store: the first hour will feature a fine performance of the Magnificat by CPE Bach, the words taken from the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1.

At just after 7 am, you can hear the enchanting Mandolin Concerto by Johann Hummel and at 7:30 am, the Scherzo Capriccioso by Dvorak, a work written in just over three weeks from start to finish!

Also this week, we'll conclude our series of Mozart's apocryphal symphonies, with No. 55.  It's been a delight to meander through these works since mid-April and by way of celebration, the 8 o'clock hour will be filled with music of Mozart, including some variations by Max Reger.

As ever, I look forward to the pleasure of your company, Friday morning, 6-9 am.

You can also replay the program anytime from the WTJU archives. The program will be available for replay through 8/15/13  

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