Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some intriguing birthdays!

This Friday on Vivace, we will celebrate some interesting musical birthdays, including those of three fine but rarely-heard composers, Johann Muthel, John Stanley and François Gossec.

Two other important men feature in Friday's line-up.  We'll include some music of Ignacy Jan Paderewski, on the anniversary of his appointment as Prime Minister of Poland.  He was a composer who became a politician.  And at around 8 o'clock, you'll hear a unique string quartet by another birthday celebrant, a politician who became a composer, the man who, among other things, discovered the Gulf Stream and invented the lightning rod and bifocals.  

We start with an hour of Mozart's music, some of it arranged by Beethoven.

Altogether, we can promise you and interesting and delightful three hours of music this Friday.  As ever, I look forward to the pleasure of your company from 6-9 am for Vivace, here on WTJU.

You can also replay the program anytime from the WTJU archives. This program will be available for replay through 1/31/14,

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