Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An hour of Mozart and some heavenly voices!

This Friday on Vivace!, we have several special treats for you.

The first hour is devoted to a magnificent performance of a single Mozart piece: his Divertimento No. 17 in D Major. If you'd enjoy over 51 minutes of uninterrupted Mozart, you'll find it at 6 am on Vivace this week!

At 7 am, we have a remarkable piece of music for you: the Suite du Triomphe de la République by Francois Gossec, a leading royalist, who quickly switched sides and became the favored composer of the French revolution.

Just after 7:30 am, be prepared with a nice refreshing drink and some agreeable munchies for half an hour of heavenly choral music. No more details now, as it's something of a surprise!

And after 8 o'clock, as well as a sonata by Rossini and a Haydn symphony, we'll hear from my co-host, Andrew O'Shanick, who has been wowing the audiences in Austria this summer with his singing.  He'll be singing songs from Mozart's Don Giovanni and from the musical Camelot. Here's a sample of Andrew in action a few days ago in Graz, Austria:

All in all, this week's Vivace is a program you won't want to miss!  I hope you'll join me on Friday, 6-9 am, right here on WTJU-Charlottesville.

You can also replay the program anytime from the WTJU archives. The program will be available for replay through 8/22/13

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