Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tranquility, harps and relaxation ... then Vivacious fun!

This Friday on Vivace, we'll devote the first hour to two tranquil works, the Violin Concerto by Ignaz Pleyel and a quintet for clarinet and strings by a Finnish composer you may never have heard about.

The vivacious fun begins at 7 am, when we'll have a delightful harp concerto of Jean-Baptist Krumpholtz -- who knew a thing or two about harps because he taught several harp manufacturers how to improve their products. 

We'll also listen to a splendid Mozart sonata for violin and piano -- and just before 8 o'clock, we'll have one of those catchy tunes that may well stay in your head all day!        

After 8 o'clock, we'll have Beethoven's Violin Concerto -- but not the one you're thinking of!  But surely, you ask, isn't there only one?  All will be revealed!  And, as well as works by Jacob Rosenhain and Louis Spohr, we'll play one of Felix Mendelssohn's early teenage symphonies.

As ever, I hope you'll join me for Vivace on WTJU, for three hours of terrific music this Friday, 6-9 am.

You can also replay the program anytime from the WTJU archives. The program will be available for replay through 9/5/13

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